About FastenFlex elasticated locking laces

Running Woman's feet

FastenFlex laces are specifically designed to tackle one problem... Our feet change shape & size when we run. The fact they're beautiful is just a bonus!

If you’ve run for a while, you’ll have probably heard about feet swelling during or after a run. You might have even been advised to buy a shoe size up to accommodate for this.

The reality is feet don’t just swell, they shrink & change shape too. There is research, scientific studies and university doctoral papers to suggest that feet will swell up over a short run, then they actually start to shrink over a longer run dependant on hydration, some suggesting 100km ultra-runners feet swelling has a direct correlation to increased fluid intake.  Whilst the various reports might sound somewhat contradictory, there is truth and fact in all of them. How our body responds over long periods of exercise and impact will depend on running style, surface type, temperature levels, hydration before & during exercise and much more. The problem is there is not a trainer, or a traditional shoelace, that can expand and shrink as is required by our feet.

How many times during a run do you stop to tighten or loosen your laces and relieve pressure or increase support to your feet? Probably not very often & certainly only if you’ve got auto-pause set on your Garmin right?

This is where FastenFlex elasticated locking laces come in. These multi-threaded, strong elasticated laces provide a really firm fasten, with just that little bit of flex required should your feet need a little more room or a little more support.