Submit your run(s) for June

We are currently accepting entries for June. July submissions open Thursday, 1 August

Guidance for submitting your run(s)

Please, please, please help us process your runs and those of the rest of our community as quickly an efficiently as possible by reading and following the guidance below. Failure to do so may result in a delay to the processing of your evidence and we don't want that x

  • Please ensure you select the same event as is on your order, if you would like to change the event you entered, contact us first, please don't submit different evidence and assume we will change your order.
  • Please ensure you use your correct order number, if you don't have it or can't find it, contact us, do not submit it without, or with the wrong one. It will not be processed and it may affect someone else's submission if you pick their number instead.
  • Please only submit evidence once you have completed your required distance, we check for complete evidence in a single submission. If your app provides a summary screen for the month, that is perfect for our challenge events x.
  • Please do not submit multiple times for the same event, if you're not sure if we have it, contact us rather than send it through again, multiple submissions for the same order cause delays.

We always process entries as quickly as possible, we have a wonderful community with thousands of runners, during peak times it can take a little while, please bear with us, but if you can't wait to know where you're up to because you're bursting with excitement, we understand, just ask us. RW x