About Running Woman's Virtual Runs & Challenges

How do virtual runs work? 

This is the easy part, simply select a run or challenge, complete it within the specified timeframe, send us evidence that you completed it and we will shower you in praise, plus we'll send you a beautiful finishers medal to add to your collection or even better, start your collection.

What's the difference between a Virtual Run and a Virtual Challenge?

A Virtual Run must be completed in a single run, a Virtual Challenge is something that can be completed over a number of runs.

Rules of the Run or Challenge

  • You can use runs recorded prior to entering the race, as long as they were completed between the start date and the end date specified against the event in question.
  • You do have a deadline date for completing our events, our experience says open ended challenges do not motivate us to get out and get them done!
  • You do have to complete them within a specified time limit for our single run events, stopping or walking is acceptable, stopping for lunch & a prosecco during a run is however, not acceptable, plus it's a bad idea!
  • You do have to complete a minimum individual run distance for our challenges, you can not sprint 100 meters, 10 times a day, every day for a month. Although it would be impressive in itself, to be fair, us having to add together 250 sprints to check you completed 25km doesn't sound like fun!

All the information required is stated against each run or challenge but if you have questions, please ask.

Providing evidence

We will accept an image or images from any run tracking app, our favourite is Strava, because you can simply join the running woman group so we can see your activity and then all you need to do is send us a link to the run (or runs).

Final words

We really don't need to say it, but please don't cheat, virtual runs are impossible to marshal, however, we want you to be motivated and feel great on completion. Our brains release a number of amazing chemicals when we exercise especially when we achieve something. One of those is a wonderful chemical called Dopamine, which is associated with motivation and reward. If you cheat, if you use someone else's run as evidence, catch the number 52 bus, or use your kids electric scooter, you wont feel the same "buzz", you wont be motivated to do more and that is exactly what we're all about.

Most importantly, have fun, do it with friends, send us photo's, tell us in advance when you plan to complete your challenge, you are not buying a finishers medal from us, that is a reward for completing a run or challenge, our only ambition is to provide motivation, now go and smash it for us but most importantly, for yourself!