About Running Woman

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Running makes us feel simply amazing, we want to share that with as many women as we possibly can.

Running Woman exists because we believe running can change your life and we want to spread that particular brand of elixir as far and as wide as our tired legs can carry it.

The feeling of achieving...We want every aspect of our existence to present an opportunity to inspire, motivate, and support women running. Whether that be in the wonderful Running Woman Strava Club; through our recent introduction of Virtual Runs & Challenges; our amazingly welcoming community of runners in Running Woman Chat where we we see some fantastically inspirational conversations, people and stories on a daily basis; in the “just for fun” photo’s & quotes we love to share whenever we can on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; or in the beautiful products that we’re lovingly sculpting. Every aspect of individuals becoming fitter, faster, stronger, healthier, happier in body and in mind is a reason to rejoice.

There are many activities that tick a number of the above boxes, and we salute all of them, however, running is the one for us where we’ve found the most wonderful community, the most warm spirited people, who will share the pavement or their time, to share tales, advice or just pure silence. If you’ve got to have a job to work around your runs, then what could be better designing our own running products, talking to women about running and sharing some stories too?

Dreaming of tranquility on your long run?So if you, like us, go to bed dreaming of the peace and tranquility you’ll find on the morning run and can’t wait to run out that door, then you need no more convincing, so come on and join in, help spread the running love. If however, you’re not there yet, then keep going, trust us, it will come and you’ll then know what so many women have been talking about with such passion.

Wherever you are in your running journey, we’re here to join in & be social, so say hello, enjoy, share your thoughts, and run as much as you can!

#RunHard #RunStrong #RunHappy

Love RW x