Running Woman's "RunHappy" guarantee

Running Woman relaxing

Just like before a big race we want you to be totally relaxed about ordering from us, so we've enhanced your rights for your peace of mind

Put really simply, by law in the UK you have 14 days to change your mind for whatever reason, providing you look after our products once they are in your care of course. We extend this right of our own accord to 30 days, really just to highlight that we are not about giving you the minimum of anything. We also permit you to transfer this right should you wish to give one of our products as a gift. 

We're of course summarising this guarantee because we know that nobody really likes to read terms & conditions, we understand, if we didn't have to have them, we wouldn't... However, if you still aren't convinced or just simply like reading the detail, please check section 12.2 of our terms of sale for more details. 

If you have any questions about our "RunHappy" Guarantee, don't hesitate to contact us

Love RW x