About Elegance Compression Socks

Running Woman without compression socks

Don't leave your calves exposed to unnecessary pain and suffering. Elegance compression socks are designed to caress your legs with love and happiness

There has been a significant increase in compression wear in athletes over recent years and research, studies and reports to show correlation between those who use compression socks during or after exercise seeing benefits with reduced muscle soreness and improved recovery times. As with most scientific & medical research, there is contradiction as well as corroboration on the variety of claims associated with these beautiful garments. 

Improved blood flow, reduced muscle temperature, reduced muscle oscillation which in turn reduces muscle damage & inflammation, improved recovery times and reduced muscle soreness are all claims we regularly see.

We sent our pre-production proof of concept designs out to Portugal for a pre-track season training camp with a couple of athletes, for a non-scientific trial we hasten to add, and the feedback we received was that they were so beautiful and comfortable, they didn't just train in them, they slept in them! We're currently working on a marketing slogan for that particular piece of feedback.

You don't need to be an elite endurance athlete to benefit from our Elegance compression socks, their beauty, compression & comfort is available to all (as long as you love pink at the moment... But who doesn't love pink?).