Active heart rainbow reward medal


Active heart rainbow reward medal

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We've heard so many beautiful stories about parents, guardians, grand parents, family & friends inspiring children to be active as they complete their challenges and receive their medals, we've had many requests for extra medals to provide reward and recognition for efforts, so we've launched this special Active Heart reward for children who can get involved in healthy activity during the month while you complete your challenges. 

Activity details

Activity: Any healthy activity worthy of reward and recognition
Minimum individual run distance: N/A
Minimum average speed: N/A
Minimum average pace: N/A

Literally NONE of our usual rules apply, this is purely meant as a fun, encouraging reward & recognition. Run, walk, roller skate, cycle, hop, skip or jump, we don't mind on this one. 


Start date: Right now
End date: As soon as they are sold out (we'll order some more if it helps promote healthy activity undertaken by children)
Evidence submission: Not required, you order, we will deliver, you choose when to reward your little superstar
Medal despatched: Within 48 hours of order x

Additional details

Because there is no additional validation or administration required for these, we will be donating £2 for everyone sold to charity, which will be voted for by our community who purchase one of these for a child. Purchasers will be contacted by email to nominate & vote once sold out. RW, x

Frequently asked questions

Can you run on a treadmill?

Yes, we are fans of fresh air and muddy puddles, but appreciate it’s not possible for everyone to get out, so take a snap of the run, showing distance and time.

More about virtual running
Can I walk instead of run?

Yes, we encourage everyone to try and run as much as they sensibly can but appreciate not everyone is in a position to complete a distance run, but still want to participate in the challenge. We have set time limits on the events so you’ll have to keep walking, but they do allow completion at an average walking pace.

How do I submit my runs?

Once the distance is successfully completed, simply visit our friendly chatbot and you'll be stepped through the process, we'll be on hand to help out as always

Submit my runs now