9 Monthly Runs or Challenges in 2023 - SAVE 15%


9 Monthly Runs or Challenges in 2023 - SAVE 15%

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  • Unique code delivered with 48 hours
  • Use on any monthly events in 2023

We know many members of our community enter many if not all our monthly events each year, so we've created a way of reducing the cost of entering for you.

How multi event entry works

Simply purchase this multi event entry and we will create your own unique code which you can use 9 times throughout the year to enter any of our monthly challenges of your choice. We will email your unique code within 48 hours and it will remain valid all of 2023. From there you simply enter the events as you would normally, only this time, there will be nothing to pay (until you've used all your entries of course).

What can I do with this code

You can use the code multiple times in a single month to enter both a single run and a challenge, which many of our community do, you can also enter events with a running buddy or a group of friends, there is no restriction on how you use your entries throughout the year. You can even share your code* with a friend, partner, sibling, parent or child (providing the event is appropriate to the age of the child of course, please don't ask a 7 year old to run 300km in a month).

*If you'd like to pass your code on to someone else to share with you, please contact us first as we will need to add their account to your unique code, for security reasons, codes are restricted to your account only by default.

I've already entered event(s) this year, can I still take advantage of this?

Yes, absolutely, we can deduct any monthly single event entries already entered off the cost of this multi-event entry so you don't miss out. Simply contact us and we'll send you a reduced cost multi-event entry.

We also appreciate the start of the year is an expensive time for many families so shelling out increased amounts even if it saves money in the long run, isn't always the easiest thing to do straight away, but if you contact us before the end of March, we can deduct any monthly single event entries already entered and off the cost of this multi-event entry so you don't miss out.

Do I still get my rewards?

Yes, absolutely, you'll still receive your rewards with this multi event entry.

What about the offers that go along with entering a virtual event?

Once you're exclusive multi-event code has been activated, you'll also be able to use the code "MULTIEVENT" allowing you to order the discounted Running T-shirts / Vest tops that you get when you enter a single event, only this time you'll be able to order them whenever you want so you won't have to wait for the next event to come round if you want the next colour to add to your collection.

What if I get injured or can't complete an event one month?

You'll still receive the same first class service that our community has come to expect as demonstrated by the thousands of 5 star reviews. This is about saving our community money by putting multiple events through in a single transaction. There are many, many reasons why a chosen event might not end up being right for you**, but you can rely on us to do the right thing so you can focus on getting back to your running ways as soon as practically possible.

**If you want to change an event distance or can't complete an event, you must let us know by the last day of that month otherwise you will be charged for that month. All our medals are custom made for our entrants therefore once the medals are ordered they can not be freely cancelled or changed.

What our community say about our virtual events

Tell me more about these running challenges

How do these running events work?

1. Select a run or challenge (from 5km to 300km in one month)
2. Complete it within the specified timeframe
3. Send us evidence that you completed it
4. We’ll send you a beautiful finishers medal PLUS we’ll shower you in praise!
5. Add the medal to your collection or even better, start your collection!

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Why would I take up the challenge?

As soon as you take up the challenge - you’ll find your motivation for running will INSTANTLY increase. You’ll become far more likely to actually complete the challenge you set yourself - rather than finding reasons not to go out. The act of running itself has an endless list of benefits.

🙋‍♀️ Improves your confidence & self-esteem
😄 Increase endorphin release (known as the feel-good chemicals)
😴 Better & more restful sleep
🏃 Builds a stronger immune system
💯 Can add years to your life (if done regularly)

What do our community say?

We have literally thousands of reviews from our fantastic community for you to see for yourself.

Furthermore, in some recent community feedback, 99% of women surveyed felt exercise was a factor for their mental well-being, with a whopping 34% saying they felt it was the single most important factor.

An even more staggering 98% of women felt being part of the Running Woman community, inspired, motivated or encouraged them to exercise.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you run on a treadmill?

Yes, we are fans of fresh air and muddy puddles, but appreciate it’s not possible for everyone to get out, so take a snap of the run, showing distance and time.

More about virtual running
Can I walk instead of run?

Yes, we encourage everyone to try and run as much as they sensibly can but appreciate not everyone is in a position to complete a distance run, but still want to participate in the challenge. We have set time limits on the events so you’ll have to keep walking, but they do allow completion at an average walking pace.

How do I submit my runs?

Once the distance is successfully completed, simply visit our friendly chatbot and you'll be stepped through the process, we'll be on hand to help out as always

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